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Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

   Valentine's Day is approaching, and if you're looking for meaningful gift ideas, there's a few suggestions we can make



   Chocolate is a must on Valentine's Day, so here are a few that have a double meaning when it comes to love.

   The first is from Endangered Species and they offer a variety of flavors in fun packaging and the company helps to support species, habitat and humanity all over. They donate 10% of their profits to different conservation organizations and their chocolate is delicious!



                                 Vibrant Cherries and Dark Chocolate

   Each chocolate bar is dedicated to an endangered animal and gives you a little info on the animal as well.


   For example, their Luscious Blueberry and Dark Chocolate bar is dedicated to the Sea Turtle and they display fun facts on the animal, along with which organization they've partnered with.

   They have many amazing flavors and even offer an alternative with Oat Milk.



                                 Oat Milk Sea Salt+ Dark Chocolate. 


   If you're looking for chocolate truffles, then Alter Eco has a lovely arrangement of organic truffles ranging from salted caramel to super dark chocolates. For those who are searching for a sugar-free, gluten-free option, there is Lily's, which offers a multitude of chocolates that are naturally sweetened.


Luxe Loungewear

   Besides delicious chocolates, there are other items you can gift, such as pieces of luxurious loungewear. Rare Stance is sustainably sourced, uniquely designed and ethically crafted. Our loungewear collection is made in New York by minority women and each piece can be worn not only at home, but can be styled for a great outfit for any occasion.  

    This slip is hands down our favorite. It's made in high quality pure silk. It is soft to touch, comfy to wear and beautiful to look at. 


                                    Silk mini-slip in champagne


    We also offer the slip in a viscose blend, Ivory and Black. Ivory viscose slip paired with a blazer and knee-high boots makes a killer outfit.


                                Mini-slip in viscose blend in Ivory 


    You can't go wrong with this classic staple, Silk Cami Shorts Set with a twist. This latest color Light Blue will make you fall in love with this classic set all over again. 

                                Silk cami shorts set in light blue

                                    Viscose set in black. 

    You like the Mini Slip but in Black? Not to worry because we offer both of these styles (Mini Slip and Cami Shorts Set) in Champagne and Light Blue for silk as well as Black and Ivory for Viscose blend.

Luxe Slippers

   What goes well with the Luxe Loungewear is a pair of Luxe Slippers. Ultimate comfort is a must-have and is often underrated. There's a wide selection of options to choose from, but we've narrowed it down to a couple of our favorites.



            This eye-catching red velvet slippers are perfect for the occasion. 


   These cozy slippers made from faux fur are really soft and also features a beautiful collection of handmade brooches with each pair.


Red Lips

   When we hear Valentine's Day, the first color we think of is red- red roses, red boxes of chocolate and pretty red lips. We have a couple of product suggestions to achieve that look whether it be subtle or bold.


   We have a hydrating lip tint that has buildable color and a classic satin finish. This lip tint is great because you can control the coverage and this color in particular (called Goddess) is certified as organic.



   Next, we have a lipstick that's derived from antioxidant-rich fruit pigment and pomegranate oil that is not only incredibly moisturizing but also has anti-aging effects.



   Jewelry is a gift that can be very personal; it's a beautiful way to express how you feel.



   Kamaria has this beautiful pink tourmaline and diamond drop necklace that is not only beautiful but it also helps in a cause. 10% of their proceeds benefit Restore Dignity, a non-profit which gives direct support to survivors of power-inequality trauma and helps them to achieve their education. 



   These raspberry jelly earrings are not only cute but they have an organic charm about them. The jewelry from Annele is an independent brand and all of its pieces are handmade.


   This beautifully unique ring is from Vintouch and is inspired by the Victorian Age; it has a hand-carved porcelain pink cameo that is exquisitely wrapped in petite pearl beads.



   Seol+Gold has a ring that is simple yet delicate with a charm in the shape of a heart- a staple for Valentine's Day.



   A bangle can be worn in a few different ways depending on how you want to position it and is great for multiple stacking. Lee Renee's jewelry is handmade in London and all the pieces are made using 100% recycled silver or gold, ethically sourced gemstones and conflict free diamonds.



   A Lola Rose signature, this bracelet is the perfect gift for your beloved whether it be another or yourself.


   This Valentine's Day enjoy a few pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. It's the day for Love and that can include loving and pampering yourself since you deserve it!

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