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Our Story


The fashion industry generates 4% of the world’s waste, 92 million tons per year. 85% of all textiles end up in landfills. More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Washing them would release thousands of bits of plastic into the ocean. The industry makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, it dries up and pollutes our water source.

Mass production of fast fashion is identical in style across the globe and brands. It is made to discard with poor quality and lacks creativity, uniqueness, as well as individuality.

We are...

Rare Stance is sustainably sourced, uniquely designed, and ethically crafted. We believe sustainability and unique individuality is a lifestyle in practice. We want to celebrate, educate, and impact the world starting from within.


Our philosophy in sourcing is to look to textile waste first. Textile waste can be vintage pieces, overproduced and unwanted materials. Main part of our collection is made out of high quality vintage clothing and unwanted materials, reducing waste, water, and pollution. Vintage pieces and unwanted materials are up-cycled, redesigned and used as foundations for our modern collection. Each piece is one of a kind due to the unique development process. Our vintage pieces and unwanted materials go through an extensive process to clean and eliminate unpleasant odor. They are then uniquely designed with premium quality. Our one of a kind, ethically crafted in US collection is better than new. It boasts genuine heritage and an answer to sustainability, without compromising style and quality. When we source new materials, we look for the most sustainable options and make our selection. Most commonly used new materials are organic cotton, recycled elastane, other recycled and or natural fibers. We also make everything in the US and have eliminated all plastic in our packaging. We're constantly looking to eliminate waste and pollution at every step of our working process. Rare Stance is committed in bringing you creative style with heritage and a better tomorrow.